What I Do Well (and not so well)

I am a web designer who writes front-end code by hand (and sometimes in my dreams). I like creating attractive, search-friendly web pages that load quick. I enjoy making small changes on existing pages as much building large templates from scratch. I see low-hanging fruit on most websites, think code is sometimes poetry, and believe any interface would be better if there were less of it.

Hopefully you're starting to get an idea of what I do and how I think. Like everyone, though, I have my limitations. I can't write back-end code in any language, have never been great in Flash, and am not good enough to do SEO full-time. I can wear many hats and ‘do what it takes’ when necessary, but I'm not a programmer, an information architect, or a print designer.

What I'm Looking For

I live in northern New Jersey and am currently a front-end developer for Toys“R”Us in Wayne. It's an awesome company in a great location. However I'm a contractor there and ultimately, I'm looking for full-time role.

I'm most interested in full-time work in northern New Jersey. It wouldn't make sense to leave one contract position for another. NYC is a little farther than I'd like to commute five days a week.

Experience & Education (very abbreviated)

I've been doing this constantly since ‘01 (without breaks) and love it! I've worked for Fortune 500 enterprises, helped grow small businesses, and been a one-man freelance show. I like each for different reasons and think I've found a good ‘work / fun’ balance.

I learn best from from doing. Though I do have two degrees, I rarely mention either. The first one taught me how to think and the second one taught me to be skeptic (in other words, think harder).

My Resume (if that's your thing)

Super Web Skills

What Others Say

Ted is an amazing asset to any organization. His work speaks of a commitment to user centered design and his passion for creating clean, usable web sites.

Andrea WinkleClient Experience Designer at Insight

Ted is a very professional Web designer that renders great products every time. He took in consideration usability, accessibility, best SEO practices, and minimalistic coding to create fast loading, high converting, user friendly, and crawlable pages.

George RoaManager of SEO Development at Nelnet / CUnet